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castleoutsider's Journal

18 September
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My Kpop Albums

H.O.T 1 We Hate All Kinds Of Violence
H.O.T 2 Wolf n Sheep
H.O.T 3 Ressurection
H.O.T 5 OutsideCastle (the castle outsiders) < ^^!!!
H.O.T The Best (chinese album HOTs greatest hits)
KangTa 1 Polaris
Kangta 2 Pine Tree
HeeJun 1 Alone
HeeJun 2 Messiah
HeeJun 3 Legend
HeeJun 4 Triple X
HeeJun Live Revolution
HeeJun Soaring For A Dream (best hits 2 cd set)
jtL 1.5 Love Story
jtL 2 Run Away (im missing my first disk.. i think my sister stole it T_T)
Tony Ahn 1 Believe
Jang Woo Hyuk 1 No More Drama
Lee Jae Won 1 No Pain No Gain
SM Town Summer Vacation
Shinhwa 1 Hae Gyuhl Sah
Shinhwa 2 TOP
Shinhwa 3 Only One
Shinhwa 4 Hey! Come On
M 1 Un:Touch:able
M 2 || winds
Fly To The Sky 1 Fly To The Sky
Fly To The Sky 5 Gravity
SES 1 I'm Your Girl
SES 2 Dreams Come True
BoA* 1 ID: Peace B
BoA* 4 My Name
BoA* 5 Girls on Top

Bi n001
Bi 3 Its Raining
G.O.D 1 Chapter One
G.O.D 2 Chapter Two
G.O.D 3 Chapter Three
G.O.D 4 Chapter Four
G.O.D 6 Chapter Six (i missed one??)
G.O.D 2001 Live Concert (2 disk)

BabyVOX 1 Voices Of eXpression
BabyVOX 2 YaYaYa
BabyVOX 3 Come Come Baby
BabyVOX 4 Why
1TYM 3rd Tym Fo Yo Mind
1TYM 4 Once n 4 All
Jinusean 1 Jinusean (not complete)
Jinusean 2 Taekwon V (not complete)
Jinusean 3 The Reign
YG Family Millenium
Lexy 2 Lextacy
Swi.T 1
Whee Sung 3 For the Moment

MC Sniper 3 Be In Deep Grief
Turtles 3 Turtles:3
Ares D-地尊人間 (디지탈인간) 

Banana Girl 2 Bubi Bubi (yes.. boobie *giggle*)
Double K 1 Positive Mind
S#arp 3 Four Letter Word LOVE
S#arp 4 Feel So Good
Se7en 2 Must Listen
Bae Chi Gi 1 Giant
ClickB 3 ClickB3
Yoo Seung Jun 4 Over and Over
Yoo Seung Jun 5 Summit Revival
Yoo Seun Jun 6 Infinity
Eun Ji Won 1 GPop (why that counts as his first.. i dunno --)
O24 1 Live In Hip Hop
Lee Jung Hyun 1 Lets go to my Star
Lee Jung Hyun 4 I love Natural (i know i have her 2nd somewhere ifi find it ill add it)
IVY 1 IVY 1st album
HyoRi 1 Stylish
Chae Yeon 2 Virginalness Bloom
Sechkies 3.5 Special
Diva 3 Millennium
Koyote 3 Something in the Hospital

and its getting bigger thank u EVERYONE from solid 07 and Kpop Uploads!