August 23rd, 2005


Bah, I dont want to go to work. Lately Ive been the closing shift ( whenever to 10) and when I close I dont sleep till like 3 am; and THEN they expect me to be back at 9am;; so.. I am really tired. Tonight I close 330 - 10 and then 2morrow I go in for my next dentist opointment. ^^ the sooner the better for that tho; but its at 9am;; I am gonna be so dead.

But yes pictures of me were reqested, and sadly enough I dont have any recent RECENT, tho I should, maybe if i can get dressed up quick enough for work I'll add more but.

this is what I do haveCollapse )

but yes.. I promise Ill post more updated photos, esp ones of my feets LOL so you know I havent reached 'psycho' phase. Later guys I'll post in a bit.