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Bah, I dont want to go to work. Lately Ive been the closing shift ( whenever to 10) and when I close I dont sleep till like 3 am; and THEN they expect me to be back at 9am;; so.. I am really tired. Tonight I close 330 - 10 and then 2morrow I go in for my next dentist opointment. ^^ the sooner the better for that tho; but its at 9am;; I am gonna be so dead.

But yes pictures of me were reqested, and sadly enough I dont have any recent RECENT, tho I should, maybe if i can get dressed up quick enough for work I'll add more but.

hehe my boyfriend used to work at EB games and got free shirts, so on the release day of the PSP i wore mine to work ^^ i dont have a psp tho;; *cries*

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march 13th, heejun's (usericon) birthday ^^ i LOVE to dressup for work; even tho i think im not allowed to? meh I dont really care beacuse they suck ass anyways;; but yeah hes a 'rocker' so i went all rocker. you cant see in the pic cuz i cut it down when i first uplaoded it, i have on my 'heejun pants' theyre pants that i got at hot topic, big baggy n have chains everywhere. Its a wonder I didnt get in trouble that day;

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n just because, my sister was video taping me with my camer and i got a cap from it. Bi (bee) is one of the hottest korean singers EVER *drooL* so yeah; i wanted to post it

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then a little ways down the road. I love my car so much.. speaking of which i hope it starts today cuz i dont have ne gas;;; -o-

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but yes.. I promise Ill post more updated photos, esp ones of my feets LOL so you know I havent reached 'psycho' phase. Later guys I'll post in a bit.


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